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Culture Show is DONE!

Posted in , life by overthought on April 14, 2008

Linda: 你应该跟他的妈妈说越南话。
Linh: 他只会说“toi di”
Linda: What is that?
Linh: 象”算了”一样.

I have a test at 8am that I’m 85% sure I’m going to fail.

Culture show was beyond awesome though.


I can’t wait until the YouTube clips go up. :)

Happy (Belated) New Year!

Posted in 1 by overthought on January 3, 2008

Random life and family updated. Christmas was crazy. 74 people gathering for one giant family reunion (and this is only my mom’s side people) was just insane and hectic and so full of people, food, dancing, eating and laughing, I didn’t know what to do with myself.

During this time, it dawned on me that despite how fun it is to have my aunt’s house so busy with the hustle and bustle of old relatives meeting each other after years, I really didn’t need all that to enjoy my Christmas. I really would have much preferred having a quiet dinner at my uncle’s house with my cousins and my parents. In the end, I really didn’t care for anyone else except my mom.

Having so many cousins was fun though. I think I’ve realized that I get on a lot better with the older cousins than I do with all the ones closer to my age. There’s something nice about not having the need to constantly go out and be doing something cool, and actually getting to see what living in Southern California is all about. Instead of following my cousin Nam around, going to malls, watching movies, and hunting for a volleyball court, I liked visiting the touristy spots like LA’s Farmer’s Market and the Chinese Mann Theater with my older cousins and our aunt.

And, in the end, I got to ring in the new year with Yang. :) We originally intended on going to Disneyland, but by the time we got there, they had sold out of one day tickets. Seeing as it was so expensive to buy the multiple day passes, we opted for visiting Irvine (since I’ve never seen his part of town before). We watched Sweeny Todd (it was good in a very disturbing way) and spent the rest of the time just having fun together.

It’s really nice being able to go out with him all by ourselves. I had forgotten how lovely it is. He smiles so much more, hugs and kisses me more often, and in general is more affectionate than when we are just up together in Berkeley.

So, all in all, it’s been crazy this winter break, and I am glad it’s quieting down.

More on resolutions, reflections, and whatnot later.

For now, happy new year to everyone! Belated as the message may be. :)

Pre-Christmas festivities

Posted in family by overthought on December 24, 2007

Christmas would be a lot more fun if there weren’t any presents involved.

After Thanksgiving rush

Posted in ! by overthought on November 27, 2007

I (stupid) wore a new sweater from Banana Republic and topped it with my black wool coat, forgetting that said sweater was liable to leave lint all over the wool coat. Needless to say, my wool coat looks like a very large, furry cat has been using it to sleep on.

And! So I don’t forget, a to-do list for tonight:

  • Finish writing Chinese oral script
  • E-mail script to teacher
  • Write 2nd essay for Haas application
  • Edit both Haas essays
  • Edit David’s essays and send them back to him
  • Edit Jack’s essays and send them back to him
  • Study for Chinese quiz

Belated Thanksgiving post.

Posted in musings by overthought on November 25, 2007

I am grateful for everyone in my life, especially for people who forgive my flaws and put up with my flaky nature. I really do love you guys.

And on that note, Magnetic North’s “Within The Rhythm” is really beautiful.

So ridiculous, this deserves a post!

Posted in ! by overthought on November 23, 2007

So, last night, after I got home, my aunt took me to my aunt’s house to prepare a Thanksgiving feast for everyone in our family. I was tired beyond all belief, so I snuck upstairs and tried to sleep in a bed with Caroline. My aunt came in, dragged me and my mom to the other room with the king bed. I objected because it was cold and was really cranky the entire time.

In the morning, I decided to get up and out of bed. I swung my legs over the edge of the bed, took a giant step out, and then my legs collapsed from under me. My butt ended up running into my foot, and I felt a sharp pain in my bum. For the rest of the day, I have had a sore bum and last I checked, the area where I landed on my feet is bruised purple.

Only I am capable of doing something so ridiculous.

Studying for midterms and mood swings

Posted in !, life by overthought on November 19, 2007

BA10 and Chinese exams down, and one Econ midterm to go.

Yesterday, I was having a really bad mood swing bout and was just irritated at everyone and everything. Yang included. It is a good thing Yang borrowed Cooking Mama from Andrew; that game was great fun and distracted me sufficiently to get rid of my bad mood.

And now? I bring you quotes of the day:

“Hey, is Yang in the bathroom?”
“Yes, I think he’s pooping.”
“Aaaagh… I need poopie time too! T_T”
(10 minutes later)
“Ah, crisis averted… You know, as I was walking up the stairs, I thought to myself, ‘I have a bad feeling Yang’s going to be in the bathroom when I get up there.'”

“What’s so special about woman boobs? It’s the same as man boobs!”


Posted in ! by overthought on October 31, 2007

I am so upset that the International Business module’s first lecture was SO BORING. This better be some kind of purposeful misleading to weed out the non-believers because I adore international business. I do not want some professor to completely kill the joy of this subject matter!

 GODS! I’m so mad.

Music, life, love?

Posted in ! by overthought on October 30, 2007

On reflection, I can’t believe that it took until almost the middle of the semester for life to feel like it’s finally settling down and going really slow. The fast pace of life: it’s addicting, but so very bad for one’s studies, which is to say, it took the second round of midterms to come around before I even felt remotely caught up with all my work. Brilliant, isn’t it?

On that note, Chinese is finally making sense. Not in that dream-like way where I feel like I can talk for extended periods of time in Chinese, but in that sense that I’m not completely lost, that things are finally making sense and I can kind of keep up with everything that’s going on in class. It’s a really good feeling; to know I’m not as behind as I was before.

 And that’s school life in a nutshell? Sometimes I wish my life were all about school and the academics because it’s actually really, really fun studying. I realize I sound incredibly nerdy, but it’s really satisfying to me when I understand concepts or have sat in on a particularly fun lecture. And school’s supposed to be first and foremost, isn’t it? I kind of wish it were that way more often in my life.

 What’s there to say about love? It’s quiet and happy and relaxing. It’s such a comforting, warm feeling and that might just be because it’s just beginning. At times, I think I’m spending too much time with the boy, but then I see him, and I remember why I do it. In any case, I think I’m going to try and cut back a little on boy time. I’m pretty sure everyone can agree that me and him spend entirely too much time together. Separation will …make the heart grow fonder as they say? :D

 And the REAL reason for this post? MUSIC!

 Did anyone else know that Backstreet Boys’ new album came out just yesterday? I’m excited. I didn’t even know until my friend told me. Apparently, it came out on the same day Britney’s new album came out. I’m kind of curious to see who does better; a lot of old pop fans are probably coming out of the wood work.

 Also! As ridiculous as “Ayo Technology” is, I like it. I have no idea why, but the background is so smooth and Justin Timberlake just sounds really nice in it. Go figure; as much as I dislike 50 Cent, I still end up liking his come back song. Oh well! Music snobbery I gave up long ago.

 T-Pain’s new song is also kind of weird. Actually, scratch that. It’s really weird in the fact that it’s so disjointed and much more fast paced than his usual singles. I’ll have to give it a couple more listens before I pass judgment, but so far, it’s fun… just extremely forgettable.

 But yes. That is all there is to life at the moment. Felt like having a general life post.


Posted in ! by overthought on October 22, 2007

I am sick.

Pills are making me really moody and drowsy.

K-Con went well though.

I really hate being sick.


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